Why Online


Online self-learning / practice / testing of Abacus skills program package offered by Indian Abacus is unique in its features without any comparison. There is no other Abacus Institution which offers a program with similar features. The tool, Indian Abacus, is unique in its design (for which patent is pending) with unmatched benefits. The methodology used to tutor the student choosing to learn online offers learning with ease, comfort and pleasure in practicing and it is exciting to be assessed and certified.

The major hurdle of going to a centre for learning and practicing Abacus skills is totally removed. No centre, no travel, no wastage of the parent's time to drive the child to the centre and bring back. The parent saves not only time but also the fuel costs. Further, the child is under close observation of the parent while learning; the parent could help/support the child while learning.

The comfort of the house or any place that the student chooses to sit and learn is the great advantage for the student, which adds as a special feature, which is totally absent otherwise.


Going to center is not only a problem of commutation, to and fro, but is a matter of specific time to learn. Many times the centres do not have the days asked for, the time of the batch asked for to offer the training. It is fixed, though there is an initial choice of which batch/timing. The batch or the time chosen is unchanged and hence fixed.

The flexibility of 'anytime' is a great freedom that the student enjoys. While it is agreed that time for learning has to be conducive for student's liking, online learning of Indian Abacus program offers good scope for the student to choose any specific time or varied timings each day, depending upon the demands of the mainline education and the other skill-enhancement programs which the student pursues.

The scope also makes available solution for "missed classes" in the learning when pursued in the centre. The student could sit for extended hours to study and learn or practice any day to make up for the missed-day-practice. 'Anytime' and 'any amount of time' are the special features, which make the student to utilize better the needed time to spend for learning or practice.


While it is advantageous to be one among the other students of a batch, it has also the disadvantage of sharing the time of the teacher. The teacher handling the batch of 15 or 20 students, in the normal circumstances, is supposed to be spending one-fifteenth or one-twentieth of the time available for the class for each student. With the self-learning module being very strong and help at anytime and anywhere in the program module, the exclusivity of the online support for the student is ensured and there is no sharing of the time with the others and hence it is exclusive and very qualitative. Learning quality will be better and the time spent to understand is very less.

'Help', whenever wanted:

The online support is available anywhere in the program modules and anytime the student seeks Help. Learning support is enormous. While learning & practicing, the student could reach the 'Help' mode and take hand-held help. 'Formulae working' & 'worked out sums' will be there for reaching whenever the student chooses. Any concept or working 'not understood' could be easily overcome by the student and hence the facility 'tutor on demand' is available all through.

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