Indian Abacus - Digital

User Friendliness:

The operation of ‘Indian Abacus – Digital’ for manual display of colour images and the display of answers on the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay) screen of the Abacus and the answer-verification when the answer is submitted into the website page, all are easy to comprehend and proceed smoothly for the student.  The student can self-learn easily

PC / Laptop – working online:

Both PC and Laptop would have the accessibility for the Indian Abacus – Digital to work in unison.  All that is required is the facility to access the website to work.  The Indian Abacus – Digital gets integrated / softwareto access the site through PC or laptop equally well.

No difference in operation nor the values:

Children trained in Conventional Abacus can switch over to practising with the Indian Abacus – Digital, as there is no difference in operation nor the values. The changeover will be seamless and smooth and the students can continue pursuing their training and practice with the Indian Abacus – Digital with no time loss and does not involve any changeover time

Visualization is image capture:

Image capture is vividly greater through colour image projections in the Indian Abacus - Digital than the dull and mundane colour beads of the conventional abacus, which are all uniform and homogenous. In conventional abacus since the Brown colour of the beads, Value and non-Value beads through their bead positions actually blur the view resulting in not so - high - quality results and also end in stress to the eyes. Keeping these vital aspects in the mind and working towards Flash card like abacus value positions, the Indian Abacus - Digital came into its current form. With the clearly defined design and structure after a great deal of deliberations and trials.The design was perfected after a great deal of work – mental and physical.

Visualization is many times superior for students who use Indian Abacus – Digital:

The most important skill that the child getting trained in Indian Abacus-digital gets is the Visualization skill, which is many times greatly pronounced when Indian Abacus is used. The open slider positions (upper or lower belonging to any slot) display the colour images which impact the Left and Right brain and activate it. The scope for better Visualization facilitated by the Indian Abacus – digital, enhances the skills CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION (PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY) of the child. Visualization is the ability of any child to be able to mentally picturize or form an image of any object or an activity. The ability to visualize is the strong factor for better comprehension of any concept or experiment and the skill also leads to the imagination & creative skills.

Importance of the Colour images on Abacus:

The colour images displayed on the abacus would strengthen the visualization greatly better and image memory is developed faster and stronger.

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