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Practice area

This online Indian Abacus program's practice area consists of a large scope for the student to do as many sums as possible, which help students to learn the concept based sums and practice similar sums and strengthen their understanding. Each online page consists of a many sums doing which the student would become thorough in the learned concepts. These are not just the practice tests, but are the learning tools, as every sum in an online page contains layers of feedback designed to help students learn as they work their way through new concepts.

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Our Software highlights

  • Interactive computer based self-paced learning program enabling Virtual Abacus class room facility.
  • Indian Abacus - Digital, 17 slots Abacus for learning & practice and Program related books of International Standard (material, design and print)
  • Learn/Practice/Test on Indian Abacus - Digital for Abacus skills
  • Learn Indian Abacus program efficiently, practice & test skills
  • Enormous scope for practice
  • Video clippings of training sessions, which are available as Help/support for on line learning
  • Indian Abacus - Digital program learning software highly interactive
  • Study anywhere & anytime
  • A Focused self-learning program which is highly student friendly
  • Indian Abacus - Calculations (+,-) up to 5 digit numbers
  • Very simple to understand and master
  • Illustrative steps for proper understanding and explanation for each step

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Indian Abacus Digital
  • Introduction to Flash card
  • Introduction to formulae Digital
  • Introduction to speed writing Digital
  • Counting practice on Indian Abacus Digital
  • Complete Book Practice session
  • Visualization practice
  • Addition of ,2,3,4 & 5 digits of numbers with explanation/ practice
  • Subtraction of 4 digit numbers with explanation / practice
  • Rules for multiplication
  • Multiplication of 2 , 3 &4 digits numbers with explanation / practice
  • Multiplication of digits numbers with explanation / practice
  • Division of 2, 3, & 4 digits numbers with explanation / practice
  • Practice sessions for every program


  • Audio and Video guidance
  • Courseware - Indian Abacus - Digital & Program related books 1 set per level
  • Flash Cards for Visualization Practice.
  • 17 slotted Indian Abacus Digital - the basic tool shipped / courier to every buyer
  • Unlimited Abacus Practice sessions
  • Up to 5 digit abacus calculation - speed and accuracy
  • Totally interactive with examples - in the Help mode
  • Abacus Calculations up to 5 digit numbers possible
  • Easy to understand, practice and test the skills
  • Illustrative steps for better understanding
  • Audio & Video supported coaching on line with steps
  • Enormous scope for practice sessions
  • Easy to understand abacus calculations with examples


Abacus based arithmetic calculations are done easier and faster. When the student practices well, he/she would achieve very high speed and accuracy in the calculations, which an untrained student cannot at all come closer to. Calculations could be done in seconds to beat the speed of the Electronic calculator.

1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 digit calculations could be done and the On line program offered by Indian Abacus makes the student to understand easily. Once the student understands he / she could himself try out to do sums to find the answers. If the student commits errors, the sums could be again done with the HELP option to understand and do again - all at finger tips.

State of the art quality standard books, Indian Abacus - digital and the user-friendly On line program make the student do number of sums and understand thoroughly the calculations and master them. Only by mastering (which is easily possible) and practicing the calculations many times, the abacus student could gain speed and accuracy. But it is very easy to understand and a pleasure to practice and enjoyable to take tests. For all the efforts, the student is rewarded with unmatched proficiency in mental arithmetic by image of abacus and the brain skills which would zoom the student to proficiency levels in all the academic subjects. The program and the material created and developed by the experts assures the student the full benefits.


Subtraction sums are also not difficult, if the student tries using the Indian Abacus -Digital tool and the program. Easy to understand and not at all difficult to master. All that is required is only commitment to practice, which the student needs to do to get the results which are surprisingly great. The online software program enables the child to develop interest and understand the concepts. It would be a pleasure for the student be involved in the task.


For multiplication the student needs to know the tables, which make them reach the answers faster. Slider movements are systematically learnt and the images make the calculations easier. Multiplication Sums up to 3 digits X 3 digits are done and mastered by the Indian Abacus -Digital students. Understanding, practicing and mastering make the student highly proficient.


Division is a functional requirement in Arithmetic, which can be easily and accurately done using Indian Abacus - Digital. Once the student is good at Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication, it is easier to understand and learn Division. The method to follow doing the division is explained with video and Illustrative steps support and the student would find it easy to comprehend. Divisions apart from the other arithmetic functions are a daily requirement. The student could learn and master the methodology very well. When the student commits mistake, there is HELP mode which could provide support, which is easy to access and understand and the student would then overcome the hurdle, then practice and master.

Mental Arithmetic computation skills - the result of sharpened Brain skills

The concepts involving the formulae, apart from the Abacus handling such as holding of abacus, fingers usage, sitting posture of the students are all aimed at gaining speed in mental arithmetic calculations keeping Accuracy intact. The student who learns very religiously and practices enough would be the beneficiary of the brain skills (Concentration, Visualization, Listening, imagination and creativity) which are rare and difficult to achieve in the normal course. The Indian Abacus program for mental arithmetic computation skills thus make the child highly skilled.

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