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1 set Indian Abacus Course Material, Online Learning Fee, Certification & Certificate & TNT Shipping Charges 19000
1 set Indian Abacus Non Digital, Course Material and Online Learning Fee & TNT Shipping Charges 2000
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Syllabus / Description : Addition and Subtraction Abacus: 2, 3 & 4 digits - 15 rows (with and without decimals) 5 digits - 7 & 8 rows.
Mental: 2 digits - 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 rows, 2 & 3 digits - 8 rows.
Multiply: 4 digits by 1 digit (Mental) , 2 digits by 2 digits (Abacus & Mental). Divide 5 digits by 1 digit (Mental), 3 & 4 digits by 2 digits (Abacus & Mental).

Decimal sums calculations bring in new challenges to concentration and speed. Practice in the level strengthens both the skills – concentration and speed. Listening based calculations strengthen Listening skills.

Fee covers : Login Id & Password (will be sent by email); Facility to learn, practice (Online) & take assessment for the level within 6 months & generate the Level Completion Certificate on successful completion of the level.
Course Material : Indian Abacus - Digital : Book A & B or Indian Abacus Non Digital : Book A & B.
Course Duration : The student will be allowed to access web based program / activities for a maximum of 120 days (4 months). The student should work for a minimum of 25 hours in full for learning the skills.
Skills Acquired : Speed writing which is an all - level practice attains a matured phase. Decimal calculations bring in stronger challenge and accomplishment possibilities. Listening skills strengthen further.
Book Size : A4
Validity of Pack : 6 months from the date of Registration, payment for the material and Learning, Certification & Certificate Fee for the 1st time logging in.
Availability : In stock. Will be Shipped within 24 working hours.
Level completion certificate : Will be issued within 2 weeks from the date successful completion of the Level, after completing the work in the prescribed books. The level would take at least 4 months to complete.
Using Indian Abacus-Non Digital :

How to Start On-line Learning, Practicing and taking assessments:
Sit before the computer (PC or Laptop) with the internet connection and switch on the computer and access the Online Indian Abacus site ( to start working.
Using Indian Abacus - Non Digital, since you have no digital / USB connection with the computer / laptop, you have to read the value/answer looking at the colour images on the Abacus and enter the answer each time on the web-page answer slot by keying in the same using the computer key board. Mouse wherever necessary has to be used. The cursor on the web-page to the appropriate location will automatically move. All Web-based operations and data storage after the submission of the answers are common.

System Requirement : Internet Connection, Windows 7, Vista or XP.
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