Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic Education for Brain skills

The Abacus over the last 2000 years had evolved tothe modern but still a manual version popularly Called Zhusuan or Soroban. This version of the Abacuswhich actually brought popularity for the Abacus education in the last decade has inadequacies in its design characteristics which made it difficult for a student of mediocre skills to learn.Indian Abacus, the new generation Abacus tool, invented by Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., has removed these inadequacies with innovative solutions.

Abacus - based computation works with the single idea of visualization of pictures (beads / images). Indian Abacus makes the visualization process more efficient by utilizing colour images that leave stronger impressions in the brain, thus increasing memory retention. Stronger images strengthen concentration by minimizing distraction.

Duration of the Program & Levels

Indian Abacus Program takes 24 months to complete, The Abacus Tutors are trained to ensure proper delivery of the program skills to the children within the time frame. The parent only needs to ensure that the child practises at home for at least 10 minutes everyday apart from classroom sessions. Class weekly 2 Hours and program duration 8 levels.

Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic System is a whole brain development program for children aged 5-13 years. It enhances lifetime (Brain) skills such as concentration, creativity, listening visualization and photographic memory to name a few. It enables children to discover and bring out their hidden potential.

In the initial stages of the program, the "Indian Abacus" is used. In the later stages, the kids do the calculations mentally. This program removes the fear of arithmetic and gradually makes arithmetic fun to learn. The same syllabus is followed all over the world. Children enrolled at an Indian Abacus centre are transferable to any Indian Abacus branch throughout world. Every year, meritorious students are eligible to participate in International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competitions. The present invention introduces a tool which can display color image representing any value by moving the sliders up and down.

It is not a parallel system to the school curriculum but a complementary one. However, the Indian Abacus training methodology and the course materials are implemented as a part of the school curriculum in many schools for the benefit of the students. The Indian Abacus program is available in all countries.

Preamble - Conceptual facts:

  • Visualization is the key to better understanding.
  • Visualization is the key to better anchoring on to the object visualized.
  • Visualization enables more reasons to be with the object of experience mentally.
  • That Visualization as the right brain routine is the key factor for Abacus to change the Abstract numbers into objective experience, through image capture by the brain.

Indian Abacus makes Visualization process involving faster & stronger image-capture due to the distinct colour based images possible. They are not only distinct by the inherent colour of the images but also through the enhanced possibility of capture of coloured images in a contrast & uniform colour background, which makes the visualization more pronounced.

Enhanced quality of Visualization

Indian Abacus with its improved design features makes possible more qualitative visualization than the conventional Abacus which does not offer required scope for the visualization to attain its pinnacle. The colour images projected by the operation of the upper or lower sliders through their upper and/or lower movements towards the bar actually represent the value positions. The colour images and the representing values are very clear and more impacting in the Indian Abacus.

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