Indian Abacus - Digital

Objective -Indian Abacus - Digital

Objective of the present invention is to provide to school going children (age group 4 to 13 years old) an educational resource and the main objective of the Abacus program is to enhance the brain power of the children and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the Arithmetic calculations easier. The Indian Abacus - Digital is an educational counting tool which enables calculations easier & faster using image of abacus. The tool also has an extended scope to work in unison with the PC accessing the destined website / online which offers 'Learn / practice / test' package for Abacus skills.

The Indian Abacus – Digital, the counting tool enables calculations done manually using the abacus independent of the computer too at the same time having the facility to have the display of answers on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen of the tool, which is integrated with it...  The compatibility of the tool to have interface with the computer enables scope for posting the results (answers) in the Internet site.  Indian Abacus – digital is thus a manually operable tool using which one can do fast and accurate arithmetic calculations and the user can post the results / answers in the internet site.  Instant evaluation of the results of the assessment would be available.  This tool is an ideal aid for online assessments, verification, evaluation leading to certification.  Since working to LEARN and PRACTICE is possible on this tool in the off-line mode too, the student practicing to do a number of sums could check the answers on the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay). The Indian Abacus – Digital is thus ‘Indian Abacus’ with the greatly augmented facility for visualization through the display of colour images + Digital capability of transforming the slider movements into the respective values which are displayed on the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay)  which is a part of the tool. Online working is an extended and important facility which is built in the tool ‘Indian Abacus – Digital tool’.

The most revolutionary introduction of usage of colour (Red and Green) images display done through the Indian Abacus - Digital is something unparalleled in the history of abacus education which is the first and the strongest feature of the Indian Abacus - Digital and the second feature which now makes it unique is the Digital compatibility factor. The performance results of children using the Indian Abacus - Digital to answer any online test paper can be verified, marked & evaluated for Certification. The test results could also be simultaneously transferred to compatible software used for Competitions for computations of results, positions and awards.

  • The 'Indian Abacus- Digital' has an "Indian Abacus tool" (having 17 slots with 4 lower sliders (Green colour) and 1 upper slider (Red colour) in each slot along with a LCD screen on top as a part of the single unit, to display the answers corresponding to the activated sliders in the slots of the Indian Abacus-Digital. The child could operate the Abacus part of the unit as usual manually and the sliders could be moved to expose the colour images on the Abacus as usual and also corresponding value of the activated abacus would be visible on the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay)screen above.
  • There would a USB port for enabling data out-putting.
  • The unit would have battery supporting the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay).
  • Count down would be possible to be displayed.
  • English Language Text and numbers are used for working
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