Indian Abacus - Digital

Indian Abacus – Digital is Indian Abacus with the extended facility to work online to learn / practise / test, on-line, the Abacus based skills, giving it the digital-connect. The Indian Abacus has largely greater advantage in regard to better Visualization that the student experiences in comparison to the conventional or the generic abacus which has been in use till now.  The student while operating Indian Abacus moves the Lower and the upper sliders to unhide and hide the colour images which represent values as before.  The lower sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display green colour images and similarly the upper sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display Red colour images.  Thus with the display of colour images the visualization in Indian Abacus is many times better – stronger and faster – when compared to the generic Abacus.  Since Visualization is the key factor for better visual memory, Indian Abacus is much superior to its predecessor.  

The invented New Generation tool enables children and other users to access and learn / practise / test, on-line, the Abacus based skills using the Abacus program site designed by the company for the purpose.  The children aged 4 to 13 years are the primary focus for benefitting through this specialised tool - “Indian Abacus – Digital” and the designed on-line program for pupils of India and foreigners.  The children could operate the tool in unison with the PC / LAPTOP by accessing to the On-line ‘learn –practice - test’ program for Abacus based skills site designed especially for the purpose by the Indian Abacus Company.  The tool has the necessary hardware and software, which are integral parts of the tool, which make the student work online or offline, as required. The main objective of the Abacus programme is to enhance the brain power upgrading the brain skills of the children and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.

A place of pride for India:

The present invention of Indian Abacus – Digital would give a place of pride for India for making a New Generation Abacus, which is largely different in its looks, and features and so in its advantages and benefits to the user. Visual memory enhancement is highly pronounced with the usage of Indian Abacus - Digital.  Concentration is therefore a matter which gets the best advantage and the children get much enhanced skill to concentrate. 

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