Indian Abacus and Conventional Abacus A Comparison


Indian Abacus : Almost same as the Conventional Abacus and hence no discomfort could be noticed. Advantages overweigh.
Conventional (Current)   Abacus Same as before.

Colour of Frame

Indian Abacus : Light cream colour acts as the best background for the colour images of the value positions - Green and Red. Light cream colour is very friendly to the eyes.
Conventional (Current)   Abacus The colour of the Frame and the beads are darkish and contrast back ground needs improvement to give better visualization of objects.

Slots / Rods

Indian Abacus : The slots in which the sliders move are having an ideal fit and the slider movement is very smooth and continuous.
Conventional (Current)   Abacus The rods and beads have play due to imperfect fit. The movement therefore is not comfortable.


Indian Abacus : Sliders are chosen to hide and unhide the value positions, displayed through the colour images.

Visualization / Photographic memory possible at its best. The images are of bright and contrast colours. There is absolute clarity and the stress level is nil.

The value positions and non-value positions are clearly defined through colour / no colour images. Hence the accuracy at the maximum speed of calculation is possible.
Conventional (Current)   Abacus Beads and background are of constant colours and there is no differentiation, which is the biggest weak point in this version of abacus. Photographic / visualization not so strong and much stress to eyes felt by children.

The value positions and non-value positions are not clearly defined and hence the accuracy suffers at high speeds. Stress results due to the deficiency.

Ease of operation

Indian Abacus : Same or better comfort in operation shall be experienced
Conventional (Current)   Abacus Comfort as experienced now.

Fixing the image

Indian Abacus : The sliders stay put in the positions when the Indian Abacus is vertically viewed while working and values don't get distorted.
Conventional (Current)   Abacus The beads fall down and the values change while viewing the Abacus with value in a vertical position.
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