Preamble - Conceptual facts:

  • Visualization is the key to better understanding.
  • Visualization is the key to better anchoring on to the object visualized.
  • Visualization enables more reasons to be with the object of experience mentally.
  • That Visualization as the right brain routine is the key factor for Abacus to change the Abstract numbers into objective experience, through image capture by the brain.

Indian Abacus makes Visualization process involving faster & stronger image-capture due to the distinct colour based images possible. They are not only distinct by the inherent colour of the images but also through the enhanced possibility of capture of coloured images in a contrast &uniform colour background, which makes the visualization more pronounced.

Image of Abacus

Mental Arithmetic by the image of Abacus is a concept that enhances the skills in the speed & accuracy in mental arithmetic calculations and also the skills in visualization which is many times more superior – fast and efficient – in the usage of Indian Abacus.   Visualization is image capture

Image capture is vividly greater through colour image projections in the Indian Abacus than the dull and mundane colour beads of the conventional abacus, which are all uniform and homogenous.  In conventional abacus since the colour of the beads is one, Value and non-Value beads through their bead positions actually blur the view resulting in not so-high-quality results & also end in stress to the eyes.   Keeping these vital questions in the mind and working towards Flash card like abacus value positions, the Indian Abacus came into its very clearly defined design and structure after a great deal of deliberations, trials and errors and a series of rough-work design structures.  Obstacles & deficiencies were slowly & steadily removed and the design was perfected after a great deal of work – mental and physical.

"The skills beyond just the calculations"

It has been more pronouncedly proven that Abacus exponent beats the non-abacus student hands down, since the speed maintained by the Abacus trained student will be at least 5 to 6 times more on the minimum side. Hence the Abacus students in the process prove that the arithmetic calculations that they perform are in a mental mode, where the counting does not take time to identify the object used for counting as the same is not the beads in material but the beads as the images of them. The physical feel of touch becomes a mental perception of having moved the beads which are images. The process therefore involves images &perception which is the components of visualization, in other words, the whole calculation is a visualizing process of mental manipulations of beads on different rods.Indian Abacus enables greater and more qualitative visualization possible thus enhancing the quality of skills with lesser efforts.

Visualization - a key factor of Abacus Calculations:

Younger children use their fingers to add or subtract numbers and perform arithmetic functions, but the grown up adults do the same calculations through mental visualization of abstract numbers, the values or a combination of them. Finger usage is taken over by a mental process. Similarly, learning, working & practicing to work on physical abacus enables the learner to become an exponent tomentally visualize the beads. Visualization is seeing mentally. Visualization cuts off time taken to see through the eyes. The process thus takes a fraction of time taken for seeing through eyes. Every new frame comprising the change in the beads-matrix involves one or more number of manipulations of bead/s and in the physical operation it takes more time whereas the visualization process takes a fraction of it for the same results. Visualization being the primary requirement in Abacus based working; Indian Abacus would enable faster, stronger and more pronounced visualization, which mean the students would be able to increase their speed of calculation further in a great measure keeping intact the accuracy.

Visualization thus not only enables winning ability through speed, i.e. less time taken for a calculation but also takes the Abacus User into a mental plane which is a unique move from physical to mental plane. Better visualization process through Indian Abacusmakes photographic memory much stronger. In the mental plane again, when the object is clear, the distraction becomes nil. The abacus calculation through visualization therefore takes the child during the process a state of total concentration. A skill that is bestowed to the child learning Abacus calculations.Indian Abacus enables stronger focus through better scope to concentrate.

Enhanced quality of Visualization:

The ability to grasp / pick up fast and retain with more clarity the beads' images is attained through the Indian Abacus.

Since the whole calculation using Abacus is a visualizing process of mental manipulations of beads on different rods, Visualization is the primary skill essential for enhancing speed and ensuring accuracy in calculations.

Indian Abacus with its improved design features makes possible more qualitative visualization than the conventional Abacus which does not offer required scope for the visualization to attain its pinnacle. The colour images projected by the operation of the upper or lower sliders through their upper and/or lower movements towards the bar actually represent the value positions. The colour images and the representing values are very clear and more impacting in the Indian Abacus.

The design features, advantages and the benefits explain the winning edge of Indian Abacus over the Conventional Abacus.

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