Indian Abacus - Digital

Background for the Invention:

Network of abacus Coaching Centres and abacus teacher training in India introduced by Indian Abacus Private Limited, for the first time Abacus Education as a formal training program for the children of 4 - 13 years for the benefits that the Abacus based calculations and skill development derive to the younger children. A great amount of work of the company and the network of Franchisees and the Course Instructors (Teacher) has gone into the subject. Indian Abacus Corporate office at Chennai, had specially undertaken to do enormous amount of study based research.

Indian Abacus - Digital - the result of long lasting research

Indian Abacus - Digital is thus the result of long lasting research by the organization Indian Abacus, which has 2600 Abacus Training Centres, 6000 Trainers and more than 7.0 lac student enrolments done so far in the 26 states in India, ever since the Abacus Training program was introduced by the company in the year 1999, under the stewardship of Dr. Basheer Ahamed, Chairman and Managing Director, Indian Abacus Private Limited, Chennai, India.

'Indian Abacus - Digital' an extended outcome of the research:

Indian Abacus - Digital was invented after spending much time to find large applicability reaching wider spread of student community for the Indian Abacus, the manual version. The interest, dedication and the inspiration followed by prolonged research spending much time and energy directed for the purpose, Indian Abacus, the manual version was made to metamorphose into the tool 'Indian Abacus - Digital'. The inventor for the 'Indian Abacus', manual version, which was the First-of-its-kind had brought out the invention 'Indian Abacus - Digital' also which again would be found by the student community the most useful invented tool making them sit at ease and comfort at home or anywhere and at anytime as an e-Learning and ON-LINE facility to learn-practice-and-test the Abacus skills for acquiring the Brain Skills which will be their life-time possession.

The Knowledge and the Experience of the Inventor:

The knowledge and the experience of the Inventor is immense in the field of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Education. More than 12 years of rich experience in understanding the nuances of the concept, program structure, administering the program as classroom sessions have all gone into the invention and implementation of the Indian Abacus - Digital tool usage. The continuous back end study of the tool, program content, 'learning skills' of different children in different locations and environments have all gone into the invention and implementation of the Abacus and the program. The fast spreading of the market for Abacus skills and the need for growing matching the requirement in terms of the capabilities are all attaining the fruition with the invention of the Indian Abacus - Digital. The experience of the inventor has the required knowledge and experience to make this project successful.

The history of Abacus that led to 'Indian Abacus - Digital'

History places before us many counting and computational manipulatives used. However, the teachers and students in the last few centuries have been using Chinese / Japanese abacus only. The Chinese / Japanese abacus though - they have been called so, the same Abacus has been in use in different countries, including India in different times. The Abacus, the conventional one, has been, therefore, highly generic one.Abacus - the generic tool had travelled Thousands of years in the history of man and continues to live even today as a live "Magic frame of Beads", which is a standing testimony to the greatness of this frame of beads. The travel that it undertook did bring transformation of the Abacus in its looks. Each country when it initiated to work with Abacus had its own form for it and the history of time and transformation culminated with the form of Chinese / Japanese Abacus, which is still in use today and is the most common form of Abacus that the world uses now.

While Abacus seems to have touched the lives of Chinese more, many other countries, far and wide, had the love for this cute tool for calculation and continue to have even now. The Chinese Abacus which is now in use seems to have stayed for a few centuries.The Industrial revolution and the love for the machine in the 20th century and the Computer revolution later in the century had totally left the Abacus in an untouched state without any improvement or development matching the changing market dynamics in the world. The Chinese / Japanese Abacus stayed in the same form which was adopted formally for coaching the young students by Indian Abacus in imparting the Mental arithmetic skills by image of abacus, thereby helping the children do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, apart from enhancing their brain skills.

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