Description of IAD (Indian Abacus-Digital)

  • Indian Abacus - Digital is used for coaching young children of the age group 4 – 13 years for doing Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations – Mental Arithmetic by image of Abacus.  Indian Abacus - Digital is a calculating device which can be used with finger manipulations.The tool acts as a manually operable tool when working on the offline mode. The hardware built in and attached to the tool as an adjunct enables the student to work online accessing the dedicated website after landing on the PC / LAPTOP. The built in interface of the tool enables such facility.  Abacus program Training using ‘Indian Abacus – Digital’ enhances the brain skills of children significantly.
  • This invention is the first of its kind and it did not seem to have been found necessary and possible by others and there were therefore no past trials by others.  The inventor’s inquisitiveness and inspired efforts had brought out the invention after prolonged research spending much time and energy directed for the purpose.
  • The hardware and software, built in the tool as an adjunct to the physically operable tool, helps the student of abacus wanting to learn-practice-test the Abacus skills online by accessing the dedicated website to opt for it and successfully employ to learn-practice-test the skills online through PC. The tool in the offline mode also displays Green and Red colour images as the answers / output on the LCD screen of the tool when the student works using the tool in the offline mode.
  • The Indian Abacus – Digital requires no power to operate if employed manually. “The nimble fingers of a young child could manipulate the sliders for calculation purposes”. It is semi abstract and pictorial with colour image display representing numbers. Numbers / values are represented by the slider positions displaying colourimages. This tool contains 17 vertical slots. Each slot contains totally 5 sliders. The centrebar within the frame runs horizontally and divides each slot into 2 parts.  The sliders below the bar on each slot are called lower sliders (Green colour). The slider above the bar on each slot iscalled upper slider (Red colour). There are 4 lower sliders and 1 upper slider in each slot.
  • When the student works learning online or wants to work with the digital screen on, the disposable batteries fitted to the unit would give the required power to transmit the output through theaccessed website through computer-landing to learn-practice-test the skills online.  Even in off-line mode, the batteries provide the required power to display the answers / output on the LCD screen when the student works manually on the Indian Abacus Digital.  When the digital screen display of the output also is in the off-mode, no battery power however is required and the tool is operable totally devoid of the external power of the batteries. 
  • The value of each lower slider (Green colour) valueposition is 1 and upper slider (Red colour) value position is 5.  Each slider gets value, only when moved towards the bar. To add a number, the slider is moved towards the bar and to subtract, it is moved away from the bar. 
  • Indian Abacus - Digital used for Abacus Mental Arithmetic training imparted to the young children result in Whole brain Development.  It is enhancing the capacity of the Left & Right brains and also to have highly effective co-ordination between them to bring about the best of results in any task.  The digital feature of the tool has an additional benefit to the student by being a self-coaching tool, when used in the online mode accessing the website to learn-practice-test the abacus skills.  The student using the tool, by required arrangement, could learn, practice & test the abacus skills online leading to certification of the skills learnt.
  • Indian Abacus - Digital is used for training children of the age group mentioned for not only for fast & accurate arithmetic calculations (Speed & Accuracy) but also for developing better brain skills CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION (PHOTOGRAPHICMEMORY), IMAGINATION, PICTURISATION SKILLS, apart from CREATIVITY.  Children acquire through the training Presentation skills and become SELF CONFIDENT and SELF RELIANT.  The possibility of digital-connect of the tool enables better practice after learning and access the tests to perfect the skills.
  • Indian Abacus - Digital through the training imparted to the children of the age group mentioned gain enhanced Visual, Auditory and Working memory. The confidence that is added with the digital-connect makes the student much more confident by learning to perfect the skills.
  • Usage of Indian Abacus - Digital helps very young children to learn the numbers, since the Indian Abacus - Digital enables conversion of semi-abstract numbers into visual colour images, which are the value positions covered and/or uncovered by the sliders on the Indian Abacus - Digital, which move up and down.  The increased scope for practicing and facing the tests makes the students stronger in their skills and enables perfection possible.
  • The Green and Red colour images displayed, when the sliders moving up and down while manipulating with the fingers – are of colour Screen printing / stickers glued / stuck on the appropriate positions to reveal the colour images, which have the specific number values. 
  • Design of Indian Abacus - Digital – The design of the abacus is largely changed and actually many more times improved version of the Conventional (manual) Abacus.  Much care is taken to ensure that while the design changes are made to enhance the effectiveness of the results / benefits to the children who get trained in Abacus Mental Arithmetic using Indian Abacus - Digital for the purpose of Speed and Accuracy in Arithmetic calculations& Brain skills, the usage pattern & the methodology is unchanged, which is to ensure that the students now using the generic and Conventional Abacus be easily essayed into change to use the Indian Abacus - Digital. The digital-connect made possible by the built in hardware& software unit attached to the tool makes the tool unique – to work either manually only or to work online / internet, enabling e-learning.
  • Design is mainly focused on the objective of better Visualization (photographic memory) through colour projection for the value positions moving the upper or the lower sliders up and / or down.  The digital-connect possibility enables children to learn-practice-test the abacus skills online, thus making available the virtual classroom facility – to work anywhere and anytime, breaking the barriers of place and time.  No class room attendance, no parent dropping of the child at the centre and no picking up and hence no wastage of vehicle fuel and no wastage of time and energy of the parent, which are greatly distinct, unique and beyond compare.
  • The sitting posture, Holding of the Abacus, usage of specific fingers for the movement of the sliders using both the hands play a very important role.  These are essentials to learn and perfect Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations.  Indian Abacus - Digital enables the students to learn and perfect their skills in doing Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations, parallelly enhancing their brain skills for Life time.  The essentials listed could be ensured even while working online using the Indian Abacus – Digital.
  • The main objective of the  Abacus programme is to enhance the brain power upgrading the brain skills of the children and remove the fear of Mathematics by making the arithmetic calculations easier.  The digital connect of the Indian Abacus Digital makes the awareness of the Abacus skills spread far and wide.  The scope for learning is expanded many times more now since there is no need for class-room learning and no fixed time, no travel and no spending time.  The anytime – anywhere learning of Abacus skills online makes the Indian Abacus – Digital tool and the program unique.
  • The Life Time skills : Apart from making the children proficient in Mental Arithmetic by image of Abacus, the Abacus training more importantly enhances the brain skills of every child practicing Abacus.  The levels of Concentration, Visualization and Listening are greatly pronounced in the children learning to practice Abacus calculations.  The brain skills – Concentration, Visualization, Listening, imagination, creativity are the skills the child would acquire for a life time.  These brain skills help them to excel in their studies, pursue great career opportunities later.  These skills also develop them into leaders in their lives.  The Abacus related skills are therefore Life time skills which will be a great asset for the children and they can use the skills all through their life.
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