FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  1. What is Indian Abacus?

  2. What is Abacus?

  3. How does Indian Abacus help the children?

  4. What are the major advantages over using Indian Abacus than learning the above basic mathematics in conventional methods?

  5. How the overall development by the children is ensured?

  6. What is the eligible age group for the children?

  7. How many levels are there for completion of Indian Abacus course?

  8. Any initial kit is supplied to children?

  9. What is the cost of student kit & fee payable per student?

  10. How many classes are conducted in a month and what is the duration of the class?

  11. Whether any home practice is necessary for the children?

  12. Whether any certificate is issued after completion of a level?

  13. Whether a child can enter in any middle level?

  14. Whether any Course Completion certificate is issued?

  15. Can children participate in any other competitive examination?

  16. Any assessment for Application Level is conducted?

  17. How a Franchisee is appointed?

  18. What right is conferred on the Franchisee after signing the Agreement?

  19. What are the territory / area of operation for the Franchisee?

  20. What infrastructure the Franchisee has to provide?

  21. What Display materials will be provided to Franchisees?

  22. How Abacus Tutors are appointed and trained?

  23. Whether the Franchise can open another centre?

  24. All the amounts mentioned above are exclusive of Service Tax.

  25. Why does Indian abacus admit children only in the age group of 5 to 14 years?

  26. Does the Indian abacus programme affect the school curriculum?

  27. Is there a crash course / summer course / correspondence course?

  28. How does the Indian abacus and Mental Arithmetic Programme ensure the overall academic proficiency?

  29. How does this program help children face competition?

  30. What is "image abacus"?

  31. The global Head Office (Phone No: 0091- 44 - 26182396 / 2577 / 4577, Mobile 9444 952 532 / 7200 227 227, Email ID: [email protected] Website: www.indianabacus.com www.indianabacus.in can be contacted for any further clarifications.

  32. Which age group of children can be coached in Indian Abacus and how?

  33. Which age group of children can be coached in Indian Abacus and how?

  34. What is done on Indian Abacus to add or subtract and how values are represented on the Abacus?

  35. What is Indian Abacus Teachers version? What for it is used and Why & how?

  36. Does Indian Abacus and the program benefit children only in Mental Arithmetic?

  37. What special brain skills do the children benefit from using Indian Abacus?

  38. Does Indian Abacus training enhance memory skills in a child?

  39. Abacus manipulations to calculate, in general, is said to enhance concentration skills in children. Does it benefit Adults too?

  40. Are Indian Abacus and its methodology helpful for young children to understand number concepts and the number relations better?

  41. What do the colour images in Indian Abacus indicate?

  42. How does the Indian Abacus compare with other conventional Abacus devices. Can the children using other existing Abacus devices change over to use Indian Abacus without any difficulty?

  43. What is the special focus of Indian Abacus , which makes it score over the conventional Abaci?

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