Indian Abacus - Digital

Teacher's Abacus Digital:

The present Invention of the Indian Abacus - Digital in a bigger size is also available which is called as "Teacher's Abacus digital". Indian Abacus used by teachers is also of the same design, but it is used by the teacher/s for coaching the children in Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations. The large size - Indian Abacus for teachers is hung on the wall or made to stand on a stand to explain to the students how the Abacus is operated to do the arithmetic calculations. The Teacher Abacus is only to explain / class room to the children getting trained in the subject to gain the skills. For mastering after learning and practicing to perfect the skills, Indian Abacus for Students - smaller version - is only used. The teacher's Abacus will be exactly similar to the Student's Abacus, but larger in size. The teacher's Abacus now in use, while is exactly the same as the Student's Abacus, it has 13 slots / columns.

Slots and the sliders / colour images

Each slot in the Indian Abacus - Digital for teachers, also will have 4 lower sliders and 1 upper slider. All the lower sliders could be moved towards the bar individually and together also. Similarly they could be moved away from the bar individually and together also. Each lower slider, when individually moved towards the bar, unhides a green colour image and each image of the lower slider has the value ONE. Totally all the four lower sliders would together mean a value of FOUR. Similarly, the upper slider could be moved towards and away the bar. By moving towards the bar, the upper slider unhides a red colour image and its value is FIVE. Hence totally each slot, having five sliders - one upper and four lower sliders, totally mean a value of NINE. The maximum value per slot in Indian Abacus - Digital for teachers also is NINE.
The sliders are the effective components which, moving within the slot - up and down, hide and unhide the colour images which mean values individually and together.

The digital display screen

The digital display screen which is an integral part of Indian Abacus - Digital for teachers also is connected through the required software, so that when the sliders are moved on the slots towards and away from the bar display the corresponding values on the digital display screen. When the sliders are moved for a sum while explaining / demonstrating, the movement of the sliders post the values / numbers on the Digital display screen. The teacher while explaining and the student while working to learn on the Indian Abacus - Digital - for Teachers could check the values / numbers of the images projected, ie. The sliders moved for any sum.

Better & effective coaching possible

Better and effective coaching is possible using 'Indian Abacus - Digital for teachers' which has two major advantages over the conventional Teacher's abacus with beads. The sliders moved towards and away from the bar would unhide and hide the colour images which are strikingly effective in impression making and hence the visualization is faster and stronger, which results in better comprehension.

The second advantage is the display of answers on the LED display the results of the working on the Indian Abacus - Digital. The software and the digital display screen which are integral parts of Indian Abacus - Digital for Teachers enable the answers to be displayed on the display screen. The facility enables the teacher explaining and the students working on Indian Abacus - Digital to understand the concept and the formulae with much ease.

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