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1 set Indian Abacus Course Material, Online Learning Fee, Certification & Certificate & TNT Shipping Charges 19000
1 set Indian Abacus Non Digital, Course Material and Online Learning Fee & TNT Shipping Charges 2000
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Syllabus / Description : Addition and Subtraction, Abacus: 2 digits - 5 rows, 3 digits - 3 & 4 rows, Syllabus (Mental) : 1 & 2 digits - 5 rows, Multiply: 1 digit by 1 digit (Mental).

Speed Writing (skill) strengthened further. Playing with the numbers writing in varying orders. Introduced to Listening based calculations aimed to improve listening skills. More digits, more rows of numbers and more calculation involving more images. Visualization (skill) practice taken to next level.

Fee covers : Login Id & Password (will be sent by email); Facility to learn, practice (Online) & take assessment for the level within 6 months & generate the Level Completion Certificate on successful completion of the level.
Course Material : Indian Abacus - Digital : Book A & B or Indian Abacus Non Digital : Book A & B.
Course Duration : The student will be allowed to access web based program / activities for a maximum of 120 days (4 months). The student should work for a minimum of 25 hours in full for learning the skills.
Skills Acquired : Fixing image/s and constantly changing images for the duration of time they remain before disappearing. Concentration skills further strengthen. The skill becomes available on demand for the child, which is not easy and normal for an untrained child. Computation manipulating the mental images of the sliders / colours enables the speed to advance, the speed in calculation reaches a new phase, though for mental computation the level is only a starting point. Listening based calculations is initiated and Listening becomes skill that starts in the level. Finger movement exercise becomes more intense. Brain stimulation – nerve ends of fingers through hands both the left and right brains are stimulated and activated.
Book Size : A4
Validity of Pack : 6 months from the date of Registration, payment for the material and Learning, Certification & Certificate Fee for the 1st time logging in.
Availability : In stock. Will be Shipped within 24 working hours.
Level completion certificate : Will be issued within 2 weeks from the date successful completion of the Level, after completing the work in the prescribed books. The level would take at least 4 months to complete.
Using Indian Abacus-Non Digital :

How to Start On-line Learning, Practicing and taking assessments:
Sit before the computer (PC or Laptop) with the internet connection and switch on the computer and access the Online Indian Abacus site (www.indianabacus.in) to start working.
Using Indian Abacus - Non Digital, since you have no digital / USB connection with the computer / laptop, you have to read the value/answer looking at the colour images on the Abacus and enter the answer each time on the web-page answer slot by keying in the same using the computer key board. Mouse wherever necessary has to be used. The cursor on the web-page to the appropriate location will automatically move. All Web-based operations and data storage after the submission of the answers are common.

System Requirement : Internet Connection, Windows 7, Vista or XP.
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